RCON, short for Remote Console, is a tool that allows server admins to execute Minecraft server commands remotely. This tool is incredibly useful for managing your server without having to be in the game.

How to Enable RCON

RCON is disabled on Minecraft servers by default, so you’ll need to manually enable it. Here’s how:

  1. Stop your server
  2. Head to Files -> server.properties
  3. Find enable-rcon=false and set it to enable-rcon=true
  4. To secure RCON, change rcon.password to a secure password and rcon.port to a new working port (Network -> Create Allocation)
  5. Save the file and restart your server

And voilà! RCON is now setup for your server and secure!

Frequently Asked Questions

Running into an issue with setting up RCON? Shoot us a message on our community Discord server or contact support.