Personalizing your server can attract players. One of the first things potential players see is your server icon in their multiplayer server list. Here’s how to set a custom server icon for your Minecraft server.

Server Icon Specifications

Before creating your icon, know these requirements:

  • Size: The icon must be 64x64 pixels. (You can use to resize the image)
  • Format: The image should be saved as a PNG.
  • Name: The file must be named and saved as server-icon.png.

Upload and Set Icon to Your Server

Have the icon ready and size/name is all good? Let’s upload the icon and set it for your server:

  1. Save your icon as server-icon.png and a size of 64x64px.
  2. Upload the icon to the main directory of your server (Files -> Upload)
  3. Restart your server

Need help setting up your server icon? Have a chat @ Discord community, or contact support.