Palworld servers allow you and your friends to experience this new multiplayer open-world monster-hunting survival and crafting game set in the islands of Palpalagos together. You can collect “Pals”, and build amazing bases and creations!

To experience all of that, you’ll need to know how to connect and join your Palworld server.

Finding the IP address

Before you can join and connect to your Palworld server, you’ll need to find the IP address (a combination of numbers, e.g

  1. Login to the game control panel
  2. Locate the subdomain or IP:port below the name of the server
  1. Click on the highlighted area box and it will copy the IP to your clipboard

Joining the multiplayer Palworld server

  1. Launch Palworld
  2. Select Join Multiplayer Game from the main menu
  1. Enter the IP address and port of your server into the field at the bottom
  2. Click Connect which will connect and load you into your multiplayer server!

Allow the server a few moments to accept the connection and then voilà, you should now be able to join your Palworld server!

Running into issues? Join our Discord community or contact support.