Find the IP address of your Minecraft Server

Before you can join and connect to your Minecraft server, you’ll need to find the IP (a combination of numbers, e.g or a subdomain (letters, e.g

  1. Head to the BerryByte game panel
  2. Locate the subdomain or IP:port below the name of the server
  1. Click on the highlighted area box and it will copy the IP to your clipboard

Joining a server on Java Edition

  1. Launch Minecraft
  2. Select Multiplayer from the main menu
  3. Click Add Server to add the server to your server list
  4. Enter a name and your server’s IP:port in the Server Name and Server Address field
  5. Click on the server from the server list to join your server!

Alternatively, you can select Direct Connection and enter the subdomain or IP:port in the Server Address field. This lets you directly connect without having to add a server to the server list first.

Joining a server on Bedrock Edition

  1. Launch Minecraft and select Play from the menu
  2. Select the Servers tab from the top of the screen
  3. Scroll past the featured servers and click Add Server
  4. Fill in the Server Name and Server Address and Port fields and Save
  5. Select your server from the list and click Join Server to join the server!

Allow the server a few moments to accept the connection and then voilà, you should now be able to join your Bedrock server!

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