This guide will help you through the manual steps on how to upload, and play your favourite modpack on a Minecraft server!

Upload the modpack to your Minecraft Server

To get started with installing your favourite modpack on your Minecraft server, first, upload the modpack’s server archive (usually in a .zip format) to your file manager on the game panel.

This can be found on wherever you downloaded the modpack from, usually Modrinth, CurseForge, and others.

Install the correct version of Forge on your Minecraft Server

Once uploaded, you will need to find the required Forge version specified in the modpack’s readme file or on the modpack’s webpage (usually similar to a set of numbers like 43.2.14).

In the ”Startup” tab, input the version number (e.g. 1.19.1-43.2.14 - notice how we put the Minecraft version and then the forge version in between hyphens) in the ”Forge Version” field.

Next, delete all the files inside your file manager except for the modpack’s server archive. Press ”Reinstall” in the ”Settings” tab to install the necessary Forge version.

Unpack the modpack server files:

Start the server at least once to generate all the server files and folders. Then unpack the modpack’s archive by clicking the three dots, and pressing the ”Unarchive“.

Finally, start the server to complete the modpack installation process and you should be good to go!

Do keep in mind it can take more time than normal to start up the server when doing it for the first time with the modpack installed!

Frequently Asked Questions

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