Every time Pocketpair, the creators behind the game Palworld, releases patches, bug fixes, and new features for the game, you’ll need to update the servers as well. If the server or game isn’t updated, you may encounter the the match you are trying to join is running an incompatible version of the game. error.

Luckily, we’ve simplified the whole process for you to a single click of a button at BerryByte!

Updating Palworld Server

  1. Login to the game panel
  2. In the Palworld Settings tab, make sure Auto Update is enabled
  3. Press the ”Restart” button

And voilà! Restarting the server from the game panel will automatically pull, verify, and apply the Palworld update onto your server for you!

Updating Palworld Server on Linux

Before updating, please take a backup! Saves headache down the line in case anything goes awry.
  1. Launch or navigate to SteamCMD
  2. login anonymous
  3. app_update 2394010 validate
  4. exit

Alternatively, you can run this command in a terminal inside the SteamCMD directory: ./steamcmd.sh +force_install_dir /home/Steam/steamapps/common/PalServer +login anonymous +app_update 2394010 validate +quit

Updating Palworld Server on Windows

  1. Open command prompt in the SteamCMD folder
  2. Run steamcmd.exe +force_install_dir /home/Steam/steamapps/common/PalServer +login anonymous +app_update 2394010 validate +quit

Need help updating your Palworld server? Shoot us a message on our community Discord server or contact support.