Want to convert your Minecraft Bedrock Edition worlds to Java? We’ve created this guide on how to use Chunker to convert your worlds. We can use Chunker to achieve this, a tool developed by the HiveMC team.

Remember that this isn’t a perfect process due to the different code nature of the games. With that in mind, let’s get Minecraft worlds converted!

Saving and Exporting Bedrock Edition World

To get started converting worlds, you’ll need to have the world exported onto your computer. You can export bedrock worlds by clicking the ”Export World” button under the world Game Settings in Minecraft.

  1. Open Minecraft Bedrock Edition
  2. Press “Play”
  3. Find the world you wish to convert, and click the edit button (pencil icon)
  4. Click the ”Export World” button, found at the end of ”Game Settings” page
  5. Save the .mcworld file to your computer
Exporting a Bedrock World from Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Converting the World

Got the world file ready saved to your computer? Awesome, let’s convert it now.

  1. Head to the Chunker website
  2. Select the ”Upload archive” button
  3. Find the .mcworld file and select it
  4. Click the ”Start Upload” button.
  5. Find the Java Edition version you want to use (best to keep it consistent)
  6. Select ”Convert & Download” and wait for the conversion to finish
  7. Once done, click ”Download

The download links are valid for 30 minutes, so download it quick! Once downloaded, you can load the world into Minecraft Java Edition by copying it into the saves folder.

We have a detailed guide on using Chunker to convert Minecraft worlds for more information and notes.

Still have questions? feel free to ask for help in our Discord community server or contact support.