While playing on a Minecraft multiplayer server or even on modded servers like ATM8 or pixelmon, you may have been kicked from the server with the error Flying is not enabled on this server, even if you’re not flying! This usually means that the server has flying disabled or has an anti-cheat installed.

Flying is disabled on servers by default preventing players from using an elytra, or any other means to fly causing you to be kicked for flying. Luckily, it’s realy simple to enable flying on a Minecraft server!

Enable Flying on a Minecraft Server

  1. Login to the game control panel
  2. In the file manager, open the server.properties file
  3. Find the option allow-flight and set it to true
  4. Press the Save button to save the file
  5. Restart the server

And voilà! After the server restarts, flying should be allowed on the server!

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